When Your Dad Was A Shit Show

Stories from One Generation to the Next

This inter-generational memoir is just what you needed.  In this honest and deeply vulnerable account, D CAST MUSIC puts together a number of letters written for his daughter that will have you laughing, crying, relating, reflecting, and feeling all the things.  “When Your Dad Was A Shit Show” is one of those feel-good reads that reminds us that we’re all imperfect humans and that our lives are full of stories and lessons.  This book is the reminder we didn’t know we needed but we’re certainly glad we got.

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When Your Dad Was A Shit Show
  • When Your Dad Was A Shit Show

When Your Dad Was A Shit Show

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Digital download of the whole book. All 12 stories. All 12 Chapters. Some of them ridiculous and funny. Some of them are definitely an over share. But all of them are written in bite-size chapters that will either have you laughing or crying or feeling some kind of way. Hopefully...the good kind of way.

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