The Book - Coming this summer!!!

Things I Wanna Tell You - A Collection of Letters Written to My Daughter is a group of personal-reflective essays I've written to my daughter.  In bite-sized chapters, I share a number of personal stories about my life that are circle around a number of topics: feminism, mental health, self-love, confidence, friendship, and many others.  The stories are real, super-transparent, and sometimes...they're pretty funny.  But they're life-long lessons and reflections  I've picked up along the way.  And they're here for your reading enjoyment.  Because, did I mention??  My daughter can't read them yet!  She's only 12 years old and some of the stories aren't appropriate and I'm not a moron of a parent.  Cause these are letters I want her to read when she gets older - like maybe when she's 20 or 30 or...whenever she decides to go behind my back and read them anyway.  Who knows??  But ya'll get to read them and laugh at them and see how ridiculous they are, and see how ridiculous I am, and who knows...maybe you'll even find yourself liking them, too. 

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