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For every single you buy dcastmusic will give the profits to a Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Center!!  Check out all the singles and support Domestic Violence Awareness.




Welcome to the Movement. Partner with us. Empower Women.

We want to empower women and support the staff and volunteers of the East Los Angeles Women's Center so that they can continue to do the amazing work to help survivors.  Download the self-titled single "I'm a Beautiful Mess" and dcastmusic will give them half the profits.  Partner with us to spread awareness, and help us empower women.   /buy-music




Violence against women is real

1 in 3 women have been physically abused by an intimate partner.  1 in 5 women in the U.S. has been raped in their liftetime.  Help us support Domestic (Intimate) Partner and Sexual Assault centers.  

(National Assessment Report)

Lack of women in leadership

In 2014, women were just 20% of executives, senior officers, and management in US high-tech industries.  In medicine, they comprise 37% of all physicians and surgeons.  Only 29% of women are executive and senior level managers.


Check out the all the singles!

Buy any single and dcastmusic will give the East LA Women's Center half the profits!  Join us on Instagram to see the process @dcastmusic

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