How someone told me my album sucked


I'm a Beautiful Mess 

Sometime back someone really close to me told me  something incredibly hard for me hear.  She told me  she didn't like the album I was trying to release off the label.  She told me it was outdated, corny, and just not good.  She told me I could do better.  As you can imagine I was hot.  I made excuses.  And of course I got defensive.

Sometime later I went back and apologized to her and told her she was right.  They were old songs I recorded like 7 years ago and even though I knew they were rough I was hoping I could pass them off  to get this Label going (aka cheaper than starting a whole new project).  Truth is I always knew it wasn't my best and the songs were outdated.  She went onto tell me that she always thought I was best when it was just me and my guitar - that she could hear my soul in the songs I write and she told me I should let the world hear it too.  What she said inspired me to start this new album "I'm a Beautiful Mess" - a live recording of all my songs with nothing more than me, a guitar, and mic.  I call it "I'm a Beautiful Mess" because I want y'all to hear these songs simple, unedited, unplugged, messy, and super real.  Maybe there's beauty in that.  It's an untraditional album but I'm far from a traditional dude.  

She also encouraged me to vulnerable and real with y'all and let you see the journey on my instragram @dcastmusic.  She said nobody's real anymore and to let people see you when you fall so that they could also see you rise.  The wisdom of  a woman.  


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