The time i almost quit


The Making of "I'm a Beautiful Mess"

I'm a  lot of people.  I mean, I don't mean I'm A Lot...this I already know lol.  This year I've been in the studio working on an album to support a Women's Center, I've been trying to finish my last year of grad school, I've been raising an 11 year old daughter, going to therapy, writing a book, and hustling like the rest of ya'll to pay them bills.  For the last month I've been really contemplating quitting all my music and writing projects - all my creative projects.  It's tempting, really.  It's  easier to keep your creativity to yourself, to never share it, to never let people in to hear your deepest self.  Yeah, I've definitely thought about quitting. 

But truth is I never started any of these projects for anyone else.  Truth is I had to do them...for no one else but myself.  And it's just as important for me to be D Cast...just as important as it is for me to be a father, a student, a survivor of PTSD, or a responsible adult (whatever that is?).  Every part, every facet, every bit of it is an extension of who I am.  Cuz I'm a lot of things and a lot of people.  But the one person I'm not a quitter.

It's also why I have the audacity to sell each song for $5 a piece because...I'm also trying to raise money for a Women's Center.  So don't be a song, support a dope cause and follow me on Instagram...I promise you...if nothing else, you'll be entertained.     instragram @dcastmusic.  


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