My Story...

Someone once told me that we all got a story to tell and that story is important to tell.  And when telling your story, always make sure you’re the one that’s holding the pen.  So this is my attempt to tell mine...the best way I know how...with music & writing.


So I invite you to check out some of the music and the songs that I’ve written.  Share them.  Experience them if you want.  They’re here for you.  Some of the proceeds are donated to Women’s Centers, Homelessness Support, & BIPOC businesses. 


And if you want to check out some of my writing, I wanna invited you to check out the new book I’ve written “When Your Dad was a Shit Show”a collections of stories about life, love, break-ups, friendships, failures, mental health, and other shenanigans.  Originally, I wrote it for my daughter so she can read it when she’s a grown woman (like...maybe her in her 30’s), but you get to read them now!  The stories here are raw, funny, wild, and heartfelt.  Also, part of the proceeds will go to support Survivors!  Subscribe here and be the first to know when it comes out!!

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